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Happy Earth Day!

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This is one of my favorite holidays. While I'm a tree hugger and environmentalist allEarth-day2
year long, it's that one day out of the year people will be thinking about the issues. Or at least if I have anything to do with it!

Vegetarianism / veganism is the most environmentally friendly diet you can have. Anyone that is already veg*n is well aware of this. We are more aware about what our food choices do to animals as well as the planet. Others are not so in tune.

Spread the message today about the environmental aspects of living veg*n. It's far better on the planet (as well as the animals and human health).

Take notice of all the non-eco friendly things you see being pushed as eco-friendly. You may notice vendors serving meat at Earth Day events, or articles focused on meat in your local paper. If you do, call them on it! Write those who put the festival together to inform them that serving or suggesting meat is not keeping with the theme of Earth Day. Likewise, if they have vegetarian and vegan food offered or featured, write to thank them for that. We want to point out the good just as we do the bad.

Make it a great Earth Day!


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