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Glenny's Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat Review

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While at the farmer's market this morning I stopped by one of my usual stands. TheMarshmallow treats
women sells packaged food that is already past their expiration date or near it. Many of these items are the type you would find at Whole Foods Market. She often has organic cookies that are normally $5.00 per pack. And she sells it all for around $1.00 per box (with all the money going to charity!).

Today we came across Glenny's Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat's. They were not quite to the expiration date yet, so we grabbed a box. We were interested because they are marshmallow treats, but they are all vegan and organic.

The kids loved them! I thought they were pretty good as well. We had the chocolate one, but as it turns out, they also offer additional flavors of them. You can probably find them at health food stores or online, although you probably won't get them for a $1.00 per box, like I did. And now that I know they love them, I'll probably never see them for that price again either!

They are 100 calories, gluten free, low sodium, organic, and completely vegan. Yum!


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