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For anyone who personally knows me or has been reading my blog for a while theyMiscellaneous 014
know how I love seashells. I'm in awe of them. They are amazing animals that are incredibly complex and beautiful. And they certainly don't get the respect they deserve, as people eat them like crazy and purposely kill them for their shells, rather than finding ones who have already passed on the beaches.

One of my favorite is the Florida Fighting Conch. This seashell lives its life as a vegetarian. And it does this in an ocean filled with literally billions of others seashells that are not.

The Florida fighting conch is beautiful, and as a vegetarian myself, I can respect the fact that while it may be in the minority in the shell world, it stands its ground and remains one, too.

By the way, it gets the "fighting" name because the males will often fight each other. They are related to the amazingly cool larger Queen Conch, which has been severely over-harvested by humans, who eat their flesh, kill them for souvenirs, and even more recently, use them for Queen conch pearls.

Last week we took our vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida. It was our third trip there in as many years. It's one of the best places in Florida for collecting seashells. We also visited the Shell Museum, which was great!

As we were leaving the museum, the staff member told the kids they could pick aMiscellaneous 015
shell to take home. My daughter immediately chose the Florida fighting conch out of a basket with many different kinds. The woman said "that one is a vegetarian," to which my daughter responded "I know" and my husband said "It's fitting."


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