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EPA Blog Suggests Vegetarianism, CattleNetwork Cries Fowl

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The official blog of the Environmental Protection Agency, called Greenversation,Green-living
ran an article on Earth Day about how a vegetarian diet is better for the environment.

Makes sense to those of us who understand environmental issues, as well as vegetarianism. But to the CattleNetwork, it was a post they were (not surprisingly) unhappy about.

You can read the original post here about how raising livestock harms the environment, and you can see the CattleNetwork's response to that article here.

After you read the EPA blog post, take a moment to leave some feedback. The more posts that support the author's attempt at sharing her experience and the environmental truth, the better.


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At my job, as part of 40 Tips for Earth Day that was written by one of my coworkers and posted on our corporate intranet, there a single sentence about Meatless Mondays. I could hardly believe the negative feedback we got!


Heather, it is so unfortunate, but it seems that the mere mention of abstaining from meat sends people in an angry direction. It's crazy! Yet not mentioning it in a list like yours would be ridiculous, because we know how detrimental it is to the environment.

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