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Daytona Beach: Surf, Sand and .... Elephant Rides?

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Living in the Daytona Beach area you expect to see surfers, sand and beachgoers.Chained_elephant
You don't expect to see or read about elephant rides or circuses taking place around town. But that is just what is happening (see article)!

While I wrote a letter to the editor today, as well as to others with the power to prevent them from coming to the area again, my hope is that the demand for such animal cruelty comes to an end.

Circuses are cruelty to animals. Plain and simple.

These animals should be living out their lives in their natural habitats, not being trucked around, whipped, denied the right to their own life, and made to perform for human pleasure.

In order to get a wild animal to perform you must first "tame" it. To tame an animal means to break its spirit. How you can anyone possibly justify doing that?

Avoid circuses, speak out against them, write letters to the editor regarding them, and learn all you can about the cruelties to animals that they involve. You can start by reading more here and here, and by watching this Humane Society of the United States video below.

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal." -- Earthlings Movie


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