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Are you a registered organ donor? You should be!

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Did you know that each day 19 people needlessly die waiting for an organ transplant? Did you realize that because we are so short on human organ donors that researchers are busy trying to find ways to harvest organs from pigs to give to humans?

If you are not a registered organ donor you really should be. Especially if you are willing to take an organ if you needed one to stay alive (or to keep your child alive).

But even looking at this from an animal rights perspective, being an organ donor saves animals. If there are enough humans who are willing to be organ donors they will no longer look to pigs and other animals for it.

Did you know that one organ donor can save lives? And isn't that what us ethical veg*ns are all about? So being an organ donor saves human lives, as well as the lives of other animal species.

April is Donate Life Month. Become an organ donor today, if you aren't already one. Log onto OrganDonor.gov for more information and to get registered! If you live outside the U.S., do a quick search to find out how you get registered in your country.


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