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According to the National Pork Board, almost 70 percent of the houses in AmericaPork-Chart
will be dishing up pig's butt ham today. But why? If you ask most people why they consider ham a traditional Easter dish, they really have no clue. All they know is that is what they have been doing for years, so it must be right.

But is it? After all, Easter is a religious holiday and the Bible forbid the eating of pigs, because they were unclean. While some people claim that the tradition of eating ham on Easter dates back hundreds of years (even though the Pork Board site says decades), it still leaves me perplexed.

How did we go from celebrating a holiday based on religion, to just ignoring the rule book for that religion, which says you should not eat pigs? Could it be advertising? Nobody really knows for sure. But one thing is clear - people follow blindly, never questioning why they are doing things or if it's even right or not.

Our vegan Easter dinner will focus on compassion... What the Bible and religion is supposed to really be about.

By the way, check out the National Pork Board's check off here. Notice how all the pigs look so happy, yet what they are pushing is death and misery. Interestingly, one of their pages shows that 80 percent of the pig flesh eaten in America is in the form of processed meats. Correct me if I'm wrong, but pigs health aside, isn't that the stuff that is so dangerous for human health?


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