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There are so many good books that focus on vegetarian and vegan living. Some of Ethicalgood reads include "Eating Animals" and the "The Face on Your Plate." I also enjoyed reading "The Ethics of What We Eat," even if I didn't agree with every part of the book (including the seafood and dumpster diving). But I wanted to make two book recommendations that I think are great additions to any vegetarian's book shelf.

These are older books, so you may not be familiar with them, but they are great resources! You can still get them new, but can also probably pick up some used copies online by shopping around. The books are:

These books are great because they focus on two areas of vegetarianism andReligious
veganism that often come up: ethics and religion.

The ethical vegetarian book looks at the historical roots of vegetarianism and "...provides a deep understanding of vegetarianism as more than just a dietary decision." It provides writing from a variety of people, including Carol Adams, Pythagoras, Seneca, Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi, and others.

The religious vegetarianism book is done in the same fashion, featuring writings from such people as Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Tom Regan, and others.

While these books are more for educational purposes, rather than entertainment, they will help add to the ethical vegetarianism and religious vegetarianism knowledge you have.



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