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Exotic Skin - Alligator Purses, Snakeskin Purses, Snakeskin Belts

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Know anyone who has exotic skin purses, boots and belts (or anything else), orPurse
who is considering buying one? Check out this video, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

This video demonstrates what is wrong with the exotic skin industry, especially showing images of the snake skin and alligator skin production. The exotic skin industry also includes the use of lizards, frog, and more! It's eye opening and sad.

How can one not feel compassion for these animals as their skin is being stripped from their body? Their bodies still continue to live and their heart beat, despite their skin having been removed or their head having been cut off.

Take a look and pass it on, so maybe one day we can put an end to this disgusting practice. The more people that see the realities, rather than just the finished product, the better!



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