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Have you heard of "The Cove" documentary yet? I just recently came across it andThe cove
added to my Netflix list. And I'm glad I did! Last night we watched this very good documentary about the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Recently, I wrote a post about what is wrong with Sea World. This documentary helps back up that post and then some. The team of activists who look risk in the eye and meet the challenge to expose the dolphin slaughter is courageous and moving. The blood bath that they expose is heart breaking and disturbing.

This is a must-see movie for everyone who loves animals, visits Sea World or other marine parks, eats fish, or would like to learn more about over-fishing. The movie is very well done and also features some clips with Paul Watson of the Sea Sheppard / Whale Wars crew. Two thumbs up for a great movie and heroic work by the documentary crew.

My heart and thoughts go out to Richard O'Barry, who candidly tells about his involvement in helping to spur the dolphin captivity movement, through his work on "Flipper" and his mission to help end it and set dolphins free. I could feel the pain and guilt he carries and found his activism admirable. His courageousness brought tears to my eyes at the end of the movie when he vividly takes his case into the International Whaling Commission meeting.

On another related note, I must disclose that as heart breaking as this story is, I find it no more disturbing than the massive slaughter that takes place with other animals. I'm a big dolphin lover. I have dolphin pictures and statues all over my office, a dolphin license plate and even a dolphin tattoo. But I don't believe dolphins are anymore deserving of compassion than any other type of species. 

All animals deserve respect, compassion, and the right to life. So in other words, those who watch this movie and gasp at the horrors should not sit down to a tuna sandwich, buy tickets to Sea World, or cast their fishing line.

You can check out the movie trailer here:


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Wow, that looks amazing. I think the slaughter is awful, too, and I really commend the people who take it upon themselves to expose actions like this.


It is a great movie! And these people are so courageous going over there and risking their safety to expose the slaughter. You have to see it!

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