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Vegetarian Kids Memory Game and Other News

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In this issue of "In the Veg News," The Vegetarian Resource Group has put together a neat free downloadable vegetarian memory game for kids. You can check it out here and follow the directions to print it off and create the memory cards.

In other news, the Canadian Press dishes up a vegetarian chili recipe (just substitute the cheese topping for vegan cheese and it's a vegan chili recipe), as well as a recipe for tofu steaks with spicy peanut crust.

In animal rights news, activists that tried to get carriage horses banned in CentralSanctuary 249
Park have been fined $104,290 for not filing lobbying reports with the city clerk. Obviously this is a way to shut them up, but it serves as a reminder. If you are going to be active, make sure you follow the laws.

PETA makes the animal rights community look like idiots once again, by suggesting that a robot replace the groundhog in the annual Groundhog Day tradition. Wake up PETA! There are actually animals being bred, tortured, skinned, and cooked out there. Meanwhile you are fight for robohog, have women drop their clothes, and negotiate a vegan chicken sandwich being added to the KFC menu. Use that $34 million per year you rake in to do something that actually helps animals, rather than simply trying to get your name in the mainstream press.

In China, animal rights activists are trying to ban the eating of dogs and cats. Why just dogs and cats? Are they more deserving of compassion than all the other animals that comprise the menu? And the American Meat Institute applauds President Obama's choice for food safety chief, which makes the choice a bit scary.

Finally, a college newspaper reports that more students are choosing a vegetarian diet. But the reasons they are doing so are split. Which brings me to my question, why are you a vegetarian?


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