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Vegan Calzones with Spinach and Fruit Salad

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Vegan calzones are simple to make at home and they are tasty! Last night I made them for dinner, paired with a spinach and fruit salad.

To make the dough, I used the "egg free pasta dough" recipe from "1,000 Vegan Recipes." That dough is so simple to make and can be used for so many things! Besides, it's better to make your own dough, because the store bought pizza doughs usually have hydrogenated oils and other things you don't want to put in your body. At home you can also use a whole wheat pastry dough or spelt flour.

Once I made the dough, I broke it into four sections (two small, for the kids and twoFood pictures 022 bigger for the adults). I rolled it out and put it into square shapes. Then topped each one with mostly organic items, including tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, vegan pepperoni, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms. Then I sprinkled each with a dash of sea salt and oregano.

When you are layering the ingredients you only put it on one side of the dough. Then when you are done, fold over the other side and fold and pinch the edges so it closes it all the way around. I then popped them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. They were delicious - the whole family loved them!

The salad I made is one that I frequently make. It's my own spin off of the Panera Bread strawberry poppyseed salad that I love and get every summer. I use spinach leaves and top with sliced strawberries, blueberries and some chopped walnuts (sometimes I add orange slices). The dressing I used is a Whole Foods Market brand organic blueberry vinaigrette (sometimes I use Annie's Naturals raspberry vinaigrette - both dressings are great!). Great salad that even the kids eat every bite of!


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