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Let's face it: there are some people at PETA that are really into pornography andVegans_against_peta_01_100x100
they try with every chance they get to use it as their business model. This year they have put out a "State of the Union Undress," where they have a woman bare all.

I've written before about why people should re-think PETA and their sexist and unsavory practices. I again urge you to re-consider supporting a company that promotes sexism and pornography, using "helping animals" as their excuse.

Taking your clothes off in public does not help the animals. It really doesn't. You may get your group or name on the news that evening, but that's because you took your clothes off in public. Anyone who takes their clothes off in public can garner that same attention and it's not because people care about the message behind why you are doing it.

Going naked in the name of animal rights is absurd. It does not get people to wear less fur, eat less meat or avoid the circus. All it does is make people think that animal rights activists are whacko's that don't have good communication skills and who also support sexism. Sexism is no better than specism.

Education is what opens eyes about animal rights and vegetarianism. I went vegetarian in 1995 and it certainly wasn't because someone dropped their clothes. It was because I read something about chicken production that opened my eyes.

Using sexism and pornography shows how little communication skills someone has and to what great lengths they will go just to see their name in print. It's not effective. It's demeaning and a set-back for animal rights, as well as women's rights.


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