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PETA Puts Out Pro-Life Campaign

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PETA has finally come up with a campaign that I like! It's a pro-life campaign, where they will be working to place a pro-life billboard near an abortion clinic. The billboard will suggest that those who are pro-life should be looking at what is on their plate. I agree!

Perhaps, however, PETA should do the same though, because research suggests that they are also responsible for killing animals. But still, it may prompt others to look at the issue of life, in regard to human babies and other animals.

As a vegetarian republican (yes, we are out there), it is an issue that I can get behind. Over the years I have come across many vegans and vegetarians that are not pro-life (yet all for animal rights, which seems to be a conflict to me). Their pro-life stance is only for other animals, not human babies. I am pro-life for all... humans babies, as well as other species. My ethical pro-life stance is not in conflict.

So this is one time when I have to applaud PETA. And I note that it is rare that I do that! But I like this billboard and hope it urges people to think more about life (including those of human babies). Human fetuses and babies deserve as much respect and protection as those of cows, pigs, and chickens.

You can read about their campaign here.


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Vibeke Vale

I am not a supporter of PETA either and frankly, most of the time, I reserve disdain for the organization. Animal welfare does not equal animal rights, nor do I support its use of scantily clad women to get the point across. This particular campaign might actually draw people in, instead of alienating them.


I totally agree, Vibeke!
This was the first campaign of theirs in quite a while that I actually liked.

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