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No Vegetarian Meals in the Military? Unfortunately, yes.

Did you realize that there are people who have pledged to fight for your freedomUS_Army_Logo
who are not granted access to vegetarian meals? It's true! Check out this recent article about a woman who has been a vegetarian for the last 14 years. She's on a tour in Iraq and can't get vegetarian food on a regular basis.

Please take a moment to write your congressional leaders and ask that they provide vegetarian meals to the vegetarians and vegans in the military. There are people in prisons who are getting access to vegetarian food! The vegetarian members of our military getting it should be a no-brainer.

Contact the Army here, find your congressional leaders here, and your house of representative leaders here. Also, contact the President here, since he is the head of the military. Write and let them know you support vegetarian food being available in the military and urge them to change their position.

Also, consider writing a letter to the editor, in order to draw more attention to the issue. Our military is all for our soldiers fighting for our life, but not the life of other creatures. These soldiers should not have to check their ethics at the door when they enter the military.


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