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While we were grocery shopping yesterday I had to head down the frozen aisle toMorningstar get some Boca burger crumbles for my stuffed cabbage later this week. I noticed a sign for MorningStar Farms produts. They were buy one, get one free. Not a bad deal. So I took a look to see what there was.

I found a new item on the shelf - the Sweet & Sour Chick'n. It's a frozen and microwaveable meal. The "chick'n" inside this dish is a gardein product. My husband and I decided to try it for lunch.

They were really good! Very good sweet and sour flavor and it's not laden with too much fat, like so many other frozen meals on the market. It is a quick and tasty meal that makes for an easy lunch, especially if you are working, traveling or in a hurry.

The only downside to any frozen meals (besides the fact that they are sometimes loaded with fat and sodium) is that you are cooking them in plastic. I don't care for that at all and wish that someone would invent a safer alternative.


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My lunch today is Trader Joe's tofu pad thai and I wish the same thing. Not sure what the choices are though.

MorningStar with gardein products inside? Fantastic! I did enjoy the gardein "chicken" I had the other week though now Kroger seems to have discontinued carrying them :( It was pricey but tasty.


I know, Jessica. There has to be a better way, but I doubt many people are looking for the plastic alternative. Seems like plastic is taking over our lives!

Bummer about Kroger not carrying the gardein products anymore. You should write/speak to the manager. Maybe they would bring them back!


Good point. I did mention that I missed it last time I was in there. Actually, the great veg section they had was down to tofu. I thought maybe they were reorganizing but they weren't. I'll stop by again soon and see what I need to do :)


Sometimes I honestly think the person who does the ordering for that department purposely kills the vegetarian section/options. For example, for three years I have been buying the Silk yogurt at my local grocery store (the large vanilla container). Recently they stopped carrying it and replaced the section with Greek yogurt. Makes no sense to me, the Silk was obviously selling. But someone who make the decisions thought it was better to do away with the ONLY soy yogurt option they had and add yet another dairy option (as if there weren't enough already). It gets tiring, Jessica! :)

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