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"Life" has put out a set of vintage lion taming (aka beating into submission andLion-taming-4
breaking their spirit) photos from decades past. The set is interesting to take a look at. You can view them here. The photos show the sad way in which lions, who belong running free in Africa, have been used by those in circuses.

The mistreatment of lions and other animals in the circus is not news, it's what goes on with circuses on a regular basis. Animals do not just decide to perform for crowds. They are beaten and abused into submission and made to perform. This is why my family will always boycot the circus and opt for Cirque du Soleil instead.

According to Merriam-Webster, to tame is to:

1 a : to reduce from a wild to a domestic state b : to subject to cultivation c : to bring under control : harness
2 : to deprive of spirit

On the first page of the set of pictures, Life states that lion taming today is not politically correct. Good. Let's hope it stays that way!


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