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Interesting Post By Gary Francione

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I just wanted to take a moment to pass this interesting post on by Gary Francione of the Abolitionist Approach. I agree with what he says here on both single issues in animal rights and nonviolence and think he says it a great way.

What he wrote makes me think of the post I wrote earlier today about how animal rights activists are trying to get cats and dogs off the menu in China (I had wondered why just cats and dogs?).

You can read the post here.


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Richard McMahan

What is a single issue in the age of the computer? About 5:00 minutes. One hours worth of "effort" can cover a lot of animal rights concerns. In each category say "Don't", "No", "Its wrong", "bad boy"... The fight for Animal Rights lies in the details of each use issue. Unlike any rights battle that came before, advocates must be prepared for ALL use scenarios.So keep reading folks, because slogans won't work.

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