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If you haven't yet heard of Bisphenol A (BPA), your health (and that of your family) could very well be at risk. BPA is a serious problem and it is even challenging to keep up on all the places it is lurking. Consumers purchase a lot of canned vegetables and fruits and as it turns out, there is a BPA lining in just aobut every can.

Eden Foods uses BPA-free can lining, you can read about it here.

Check out this video about the BPA research and its harmful implications:




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Vibeke Vale

This would be why I only buy Eden brand canned tomatoes and bean. Eden uses a plant sap to line its cans, thereby making them a healthier alternative.


Excellent tip, Vibeke, thank you for posting that!

For anyone who may be interested in that, here's the link to Eden explaining that information:

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