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In this segment of "In the Veg News" there are is a victory in the fight againstPlastic_bags
plastic bags! Washington D.C. has now imposed a five cent per bag fee, in order to help curb the use of them. You can read more about it here, as well as more about the environmental damages that plastic bags cause here.

PETA has actually used their influence to do something good. They got Overstock.com to stop selling exotic leather items. You can read about that here.

In the science world, new research has show that choline, an essential nutrient, is beneficial in fetus development. In a Science Daily article they touted animal produts (eggs, bacon, etc.) as being great sources of choline. Upon further research, it was discovered that the USDA has been studying which foods contain the nutrient, and in what abundance. According to their research:

"Foods found to provide a significant amount of choline (per100g food) include: eggs (251), wheat germ (152 mg), bacon (125 mg), dried soybeans (116 mg), pork (103 mg), cod (83 mg), beef (80 mg), chicken (70 mg), and salmon (65 mg)."

Makes one wonder why wheat germ and dried soybeans were never mentioned in the article. Especially considering wheat germ has more choline than bacon, pork, cod, beef, chicken, and salmon (over double the amount than some). Hmm....

In other news... In the Fort Myers, Fla. area, a massive leatherback turtle came ashore, providing the crowd quite a site. You can watch the video here. Meanwhile, Gary Francione has written an argument against the "Meatless Monday" campain. You can read it here. And finally, here's a vegan recipe for Creamy Cauliflower with Mushrooms. Enjoy!


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