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In the Veg News, Celebrity Support for Whale Wars, Pigs, Dolphins

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On this issue of "In the Veg News" there are some interesting animal rights and vegetarian related articles.

First, I reported the other day about how Bob Barker donated $5 to support the Whale Wars crew in their mission to save whales from being hunted by the Japanese. You can read about that here. Now there is an article explaining a list of celebrities that endorse the Sea Sheppard crew, who the article says is a "militant" animal rights group, including Sean Penn, Mick Jagger and Edward Norton. You can read the full article here.

Next, Michelle Obama appeared on "Iron Chef" to promote eating your veggies. YouDolphin
can read the full article here. And researchers have found that dolphins are as intelligent as humand children, suggesting they should be classifed as "non-human persons." Read the article here.

Finally, pigs make the news on two accounts. There were 3,800 pigs that died at a factory farm, due to what they believe was vandalism. You can read that here. And another site put out a detailed (and disgusting) article on how to butcher a pig, which includes photos. You can read that article here.

Oh, and to end on a good note, seitan gets a plug in Pennsylvania. The article sheds light on what it is and how it's used, as well as provides a recipe for making it yourself. Read the article here. Enjoy!


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