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As we are well aware, there are many things that are destroying our planet, with animal production leading the list. On that note, I wanted to provide you with a link to a great movie that you can watch for free online.

It's the "Home" movie project. It shows our environment, natural resource depletion, and the urgency in which we need to change the way we live, in order to save our planet. The movie offers great views of the planet. And don't worry about trying to watch it all at once. You can always go back when time permits and finish it in multiple sittings. You can view the movie here.

Speaking of destroying our environment. Have you ever noticed how many things onPalmier
store shelves now contain "palm oil?" Did you know that this palm oil is leading to rainforest destruction? That's right! In order to harvest enough palm oil to meet demand, they are destroying rainforests around the world to obtain it. You can read more about it here and here.

In 2010, make a resolution to try to avoid palm oil as much as possible. Read labels, and skip those products containing it. Consider also contacting the companies to let them know why you are not buying their goods. The more people know about this, and companies are made aware of the loss of sale, they turn to better alternatives.


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