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Got something to say? Guest blog!

Are you a vegetarian or vegan that likes to write? Have something to say about anHorn
issue in the news or the community? Guest blog!

I'd like to offer guest blogs from time-to-time that cover relevant topics. If you would like to be considered for having a guest blog posted, please feel free to Contact VegBlogger. Your post would include a short bio and link to your site.

Not sure what topic you should conver? Here's some thoughts:

- Raising vegetarian or vegan kids
- Animal rights
- Activism
- Vegetarian / Vegan events
- Issues in the news
- Original recipes
- Cookbook dishes you have prepared (write a review and include a picture)
- Humane living and education topics
- Green living topics
- Vegetarian holiday ideas
- Handling vegetarian controversies
- Much more!

I'm open to hearing what you have to say on the topic. Posts should be no more than 400 words in length, if possible. It will be edited for grammar, style and structure, as needed.

Contact VegBlogger.


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