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Be afraid, my friends, be very afraid! That's what comes to mind when you thinkSchool-lunch
about the beef industry pushing "school wellness." And sure enough, that's just what they are doing!

The National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA) has a site dedicated to school wellness. It comes complete with ... you guessed it, lesson plans for teachers! You can check it out here. Also, take a look at page two of this handout of theirs, the box titled "How Can You Get Lean with Protein?" They are suggesting that you eat eggs, dairy, beef, and cheese all day! Hmm... that's all they could come up with in their search for lean protein sources? It's probably safe to say they haven't heard of the book called "The China Study."

The National Dairy Council also provides educational material. It's a good thing that the Physcian's Committee for Responsible Medicine provides info at well. Now if we could just get theirs into the hands of more teachers!

Here's to hoping my kid's teachers don't use the lesson plans provided by the NCBA or Dairy Councile to teach my kids about nutrition. Then again, they are likely to encounter a pretty fiesty outspoken five year old who may challenge them on what they are being taught.


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