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All Natural Raspberry Jel Dessert Review

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If you are raising a vegetarian or vegan child you may notice that a lot of parties,NatDessertsJelFinalLG 
especially those at school, seem to contain Jell-O. Problem is, it's not vegetarian and most parents don't realize this, or just how disgusting the ingredients of it really are.


For those who may be reading and don't know what renders Jell-O non-vegetarian, allow me to explain. Jell-O is, shall we say, slaughter house leftovers. It contains gelatin, often found in many types of gummy treats. To make gelatin, they take animal bones, hooves and tendons and then grind them up until a powder form, which gets the "gel" consistency once you add hot water. As a vegetarian parent, I don't want my kids eating animal bones, and can't see why anyone would, vegetarian or not.

Anyway, about a year ago I came across a vegan Jell-O alternative at Whole Foods Market. It's made by The Nutra Drink Company in New York. Their All Natural Jel Dessert is the same type of dessert as Jell-O, and prepared in the same way, only it's made with vegan ingredients. It comes in several flavors and looks and feels like Jell-O.

As for taste, I personally cannot offer an opinion. I've never liked Jell-O, even as a child, and refrain from even eating this vegan version. But my kids love it and my husband likes it as well. So if you are looking for a vegan version of a jel dessert, it's out there! If you don't know where to get it in your area, you can likely order it online or contact the company to inquire where it is sold around you. This will help you get through those school parties. Enjoy!


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