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A Victory for Whales, Thanks to Bob Barker and Whale Wars

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Bob Barker, former host of the popular "Price is Right" show just handed whales inBob barker
the Southern Ocean a victory. He has donated $5 million to Paul Watson and the Sea Sheppard Conservation Society.

The money is in an effort to help the Whale Wars crew put an end to the Japanese whale hunting that they have been fighting for years. You can read more about the donation here.

Bob Barkers has been a long-time animal rights activist and has donated money to the cause on other occasions. Check out this post, where he donated to Drury University in the name of animal rights.

Kudos to Bob Barker for making such a generous donation to such a wonderful cause. Paul Watson has been doing wonderful work to help whales for years, and this donation will help further that mission.


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Go Bob!

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