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Why vegan? Meet Your Meat!

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For the vast majority of people who eat animals, it is a largely an out of site, out of mind lifestyle that they live. I challenge those who are animal consumers to watch the videos below in their entirety and then determine if they feel any sort of compassion for the animal or if they have a hard time viewing it at all. Or if you refuse all together to watch them, evaluate why that is. Are you afraid of learning the truth or seeing the violence you are contributing to?

When you buy meat you don't see the process that was involved in getting it to your table. But images like those portrayed in the videos below are the reality of the meat industry. While you may turn a blind eye to it, by purchasing neatly packaged slabs of flesh in the store, you did contribute to what is taking place in these videos.

If you have a hard time watching it, or feel a sense of compassion for the animal, explore vegan lifestyle options. It is a more peaceful way to live, that is better for animals, the planet and even your own health. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles start with peace and compassion. What could be better than that?




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