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If your e-mail inbox has been anything like mine this past week it has been bombarded with "donate now!" pleas from animal-related organizations. Truth be told, it is getting a bit old. How often do we need to see "donate now to save animal's lives" or "watch the video, and donate" or "make it a better year for animals everywhere (by donating)."

This week alone I've had monetary pleas from PETA, HSUS and Compassion Over Killing. HSUS even has a $1 million fundraising goal they are trying to reach, by tonight.

I'm just not convinced at this point that by me reaching into my pocket and pulling out money, that I am doing anything more than helping an already lucrative organization meet their fundraising goals for the year.

These organizations make millions each year (PETA raked in a cool $34 million last year)! They are good at fundraising, but is that the biggest extent of it?

Do these organizations not realize that we are in the middle of a recession and that millions of people have lost their jobs, homes and have no money? But that doesn't mean they don't want to help animals. The good news, is that you don't have to spend a dime to help animals. Seriously! 

If you would like to help animals, without spending extra money, here's some things you can do:

  • Go vegan. Eating a vegan diet is the best possible way to help animals. You will save tens of thousands of animals over the course of your lifetime.
  • Spread the message. It doesn't cost anything for others to see you enjoying veganism and when they do, they may become interested. Seize any opportunities to kindly inform people about the lifestyle.
  • Use the power of the pen. Writing can be a powerful way to voice your opinion and raise awareness. Write letters to the editor, write your congressional representatives, and personally write companies that you want to see make changes (send e-mails, which is free).
  • Protest animal abuse. Join a local animal rights organization and get involved in protests that involve important issues.
  • Offer a taste. Hold a monthly community potluck to allow people to taste and see that vegan food is good. You could also team up with VegFund to offer free vegan food to your community.
  • Donate time. Rather than monetary contributions, you can focus on donating  your time to local charities or groups. Most areas have small local vegetarian charities or animal sanctuaries that are really helping animals. They need assistance in running and organizing events, as well as directly caring for animals.
  • Teach others. If you don't mind getting up in front of other people, contact a local church, library or senior center, and see about offering a Vegetarian 101 night, where you can present the health, environmental and ethical benefits of veganism. Or hold a screening of Earthlings at your house or local group.

You do not need to donate money to PETA, HSUS or any other large organization in order to help animals. In fact, when you do that, you may end supporting measures that you really don't believe in (e.g., animal welfare, degrading campaigns, etc). Plus, you will not feel as "in touch" with being a part of the process as you would if you really got involved with the above ways to help animals.

You can make 2010 a great year for animals. And it will not cost you a monetary donation. However, it will take commitment and compassion. Once you have that, you will be helping more animals than you ever realized possible. Why give money to someone else to fight the battle, when you can make such a powerful difference all on your own?


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