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PETA Offends Christians with Dog Ad

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Have you seen the new ad put out by PETA regarding adopting dogs, rather than buying from a pet store? Once again, while the message is good, they have taken the wrong route in marketing it. No surprise here, right?

A couple of problems with their ad is that once again they objectify women, having a naked model in the ad, and they bring the cross in, thus upsetting Christians. You can read more about this ad and the controversy here.

You can read more about what I have written about PETA's antics here.

Check out this news video where the journalist has a PETA spokesperson go toe-to-toe with a Christian, as they discuss the merits of the ad and other PETA "issues."


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Wow, right there is the reason I have chosen not to financially support PETA.


Exactly, there are better ways to use the money! They are just plain ridiculous.

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