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Each year around Christmas people get on the "peace on earth" bandwagon. It's nice, of course, but it would be nicer and more worthy if people wished for it all year long. What would be even nicer still is if people understood that peace begins with what is on your plate.

Many people simply turn their head or don't make the connection between what they are eating and the violence and abuse that is associated with it. And this goes beyond just meat. There are billions of animals that are slaughtered each year for human consumption. In addition, there are people around the world that are treated poorly or are enslaved in order to provide products such as chocolate, tea, coffee, etc. The rainforest, which are the lungs of the planet, are mowed down to produce more meat, coffee, etc.

This Christmas, let's really think about peace on earth. Peace isn't just about war. It is about being in harmony in all aspects of your life and projecting that unto the world. And the best place for peace to start is with you and what is on your plate. Those who otherwise celebrate Christmas (or any other holiday) are missing the point.


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