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There is one thing my two young veggie kids love: cooking! They jump at the chance to help me cook anything and I try to let them as much as possible. When you raise vegetarian kids or vegan kids, one of the best way to get them familiar with how easy it is to do vegan cooking is to get them involved.

We have two vegetarian kids cookbooks in the house and the kids love them both. We have Kids Can Cook and Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon. There are others, as well, that I have yet to try, such as the Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook, and the Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook. We could prepare dishes from any cookbooks, and often do, but they really love the idea of the cookbooks that are geared toward kid chefs.

While they may not be completely vegan, making substitutions for non-vegan items is very simple (vegan sweetner for honey, non-dairy milk for cow milk, etc.).

Today my daughter was in a mood to do some cooking. So I let her pick out the recipes we would prepare. From the Kids Can Cook book, she choose to make BBQ Tofu and banana pudding.

The Kids Can Cook book offers simple vegetarian recipes and directions, making it very easy for kids to get involved. The kids had a great time preparing the food! We ate the BBQ tofu for lunch and we put the banana pudding in the fridge for tonight's dessert (be we tasted it and it was yummy).  

If you are raising vegetarian kids or vegan kids, get them in the kitchen as much as possible. Teach them about ingredients, how to follow recipe instructions, and how easy it is to make tasty vegan food. While they have fun, they are also learning a lot and gaining skills that will last a lifetime.

Christmas and cranes 029  Christmas and cranes 032

(checking out the recipe) (adding the BBQ sauce to the tofu pieces)


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