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Green Bean and Mushroom Stroganoff from "1,000 Vegan Recipes"

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Last night for dinner I made another recipe from the new "1,000 Vegan Recipes" by Robin Robertson. I've made quite a few dishes from this book thus far and have shared them in previous posts.

This recipe tonight, the green bean and mushroom was stroganoff, was delicious! It was a bit time consuming to prepare this meal (although not difficult), because all together it probably took me an hour in the kitchen making it, but the taste was worth it. I served the dish over jasmine rice (my favorite rice), which had been cooked in vegetable stock. It reminded me of Indian food in the way it looked and the consistency (and I love Indian food). I also served vegan waldorf salad with it (per my daughter's request).

The vegan green bean and mushroom stroganoff was a hit with the husband, although not so popular with the kids. Which is strange, because they do love green beans. They just didn't like the looks of it, and turned their nose up to it. I get the feeling they prefer their food not mixed together, yet they like the ingredients seperately. The sauce in this dish was great, we loved it!

Yet another delicious recipe from this book. And so many more to try!

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