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Eating Plants vs. Eating Animals

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Since my post on the NY Times article about plants having feelings, someone has contacted me to say that I don't care about plants and that eating them is no different than eating animals.

First, eating animals is a lot different than eating plants, even if scientists can prove that plants are capable of certain traits.

We humans are animals, for starters. Our bodies were designed to be plant eaters, secondly. And there are so many other reasons to be vegetarian/vegan.

Furthermore, I would like to say to those who are worried about eating plants because they have feelings, that they will cause the least amount of harm to plants by being vegan. It takes a lot of plant material to create a pound of flesh.

Those who eat animals are still eating plants. But they are doing so through a middle source (the animal), rather than consuming them first-hand.

So if you want to minimize the harm you are doing to plants, opt for a vegan diet. That way you will be responsible for destroying a lot less of them.

Let's face it- we have to eat something in order to live. Our bodies were designed to be herbivores and it just so happens that a vegan diet is also better for our fellow earthlings and the planet. While I have the upmost respect for nature, I do not have a moral apprehension toward eating plants, yet I do when it comes to eating animals.


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