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Vegan Thanksgiving Feast in the Books

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Having a vegan Thanksgiving feast is not only tasty, but it comes with a heaping side of compassion! This year once again, we had a vegan Thanksgiving feast that included Tofurky (we love the Tofurky!), mashed potatoes, Tofurky gravy, organic cranberries, and corn. Then later we topped it off with vegan pumpkin pie with vegan whipped cream! What a delicious meal.

As a side note, the turkeys in the house were guests at our table! This included one of my daughter's toys and two paper ones she made at school this month.

What did you have for your vegan Thanksgiving feast?

Thanksgiving 015 (Yum!)

Thanksgiving 019
(our turkey guests) 

We started out our day with vegan French toast.


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We had coleslaw, sweet potatoes, veg. soup, pesto and toast, green beans, salad, roasted veggies - all organic. Happy Thanksgiving....


Shannon, that's awesome. Sounds yummy! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Kudos on having your first vegetarian Thanksgiving!

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