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Lyonia Environmental Center

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This weekend we took the kids to visit the new Lyonia Environmental Center, located in Deltona, Fla. The center just opened a couple of weeks ago and features educational classrooms, an amphitheater, and it is even a green building. I love taking them to places like this, where they can get a chance to use interactive exhibits to learn more about caring for the environment.

We first attended an hour-long class on snakes, skinks and spiders. The kids, especially my daughter, found it to be really interesting. Then we walked around and viewed all of the displays and exhibits and learned more about water, Florida's natural history, manatees, how humans are hurting the water supply and what we can do to help. Being that they are interactive displays it really captured their attention.

The center is well worth visiting, especially if you can arrange it to sit in on one of the informative classes while you are there. The staff is quite informative and we came out of the center knowing a lot more about snakes (among other things) than we did when we walked in.

I had only one complaint about the center and it is really a business relationship they have, rather than the center itself. The last thing we passed on the way out was the Bagel King Cafe. It was lunch time and they had a steady supply of customers. I stopped to look up at the menu, on which I was hoping to see some environmentally friendly food options. Sadly, they did not even offer one vegetarian sandwich. All the bagel sandwiches on the menu were meat-based.

We live in a society where the vast majority of people have not yet made the meat-environment connection and that point was never more real than people dining on meat bagel sandwiches at an environmental education center.

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