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Eating Meat is Not Green

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How many times have you come across someone that believes they are an environmentalist, yet still eats meat? For me, it's happened quite a few times. Actually, more times than I'd care for. Those of us who are vegetarians/vegans realize that you can't be a meat-eating environmentalist. Let me say that again... you cannot eat meat and be an environmentalist. Maybe you are an aspiring environmentalist, but you still have a ways to go.

Why, you ask? After all, he or she recycles, changes out all their light bulbs and shuts the water off while they brush their teeth! That's great. But they are still overlooking the number one source of environmental destruction on the planet - meat. Raising animals for food purposes pollutes the land, water supplies, causes greenhouse gas emissions, using a tremendous amount of resources, etc. It is actually more destructive than all the transportation systems in the world combined.

So if you hear someone talking about using reusable bags at the grocer store, accept that they are at least on the right path. The more good they do the better, there is no doubt. But if their canvass bags are leaving the grocery store filled hamburger, steak, etc., then they have completely missed the big picture.

Why don't you hear more about this on the news? It is buried in there once in a while. But in all honesty, they don't want to risk offending their advertisers, for whom they are raking in millions each year, and many of them are made up of those in the meat industry.

PETA has created a good video that demonstrates how eating meat is not green. Check it out, pass it on, and help spread the message. The best way to protect the planet for ours and future generations is to eat a plant-based diet. But then again, if you are reading this blog, I'm probably preaching to the choir.

Having said all this, I still believe that even if a person has no intention in ever cutting back on or eliminating meat that they should still continue to adopt other environmentally friendly methods of doing things. It is certainly better than not doing them. But what I'm specifically speaking about in this post are those self-proclaimed green goddesses who still haven't made the meat-environment connection.



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