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I am a firm believer that the more kids are able to take part in the selecting and preparing of their foods, the more apt they will be open to healthier eating. They take more interest in vegetables if they get to help choose some to buy at the farmer's market or produce department. Likewise, if they get to help clean and prepare dishes they are more likely to try things that they may otherwise turn their nose up to the first few times it is offered to them.

Yesterday I made vegan English muffin pizzas with the kids. I did the chopping of vegetables, handling of the knife and touching of the stove (they are only 5 and 3). But they got to make their own healthy English muffin pizza. In the process we discussed what everything was (e.g., vegetable, fruit, etc.). Along the way they learned how to make a pizza, reviewed some fruits and vegetables, had fun, and made their own tasty and healthy lunch.

This is how we made ours today, but you can easily substitute any of the ingredients for what fits your family tastes. This recipe is quite adaptable to what you prefer on your pizza.

October 2009 058 (getting ready to go in the oven) 

Vegan English Muffin Pizza Recipe

- Take one English muffin per person (we use vegan whole wheat ones so they are healthy).

- Set out a small dish of all topping choices. Today we used onion, green pepper, grated vegan mozzarella cheese, organic tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and vegan frozen burger crumbles. I set out a small bowl of each of these.

- Toast the English muffins as desired (I like mine crunchy, others like them soft).

- Lay the English muffins on a cookie sheet. Allow the kids to create their own pizzas, starting with the sauce, then adding all the toppings they prefer. Then, add a dash of oregano and pop the pan in the oven. Cook it for 8-10 minutes in a 425 degree preheated oven.

- If you have small kids you may want to use your pizza cutter and cut them in half or fourths. Others may want them left whole. Enjoy!

October 2009 057 (the kids showing their masterpiece pizzas right before they went into the oven)


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