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Vegetarian Travel: Florida to Michigan

This month we spent nine days away from home on a trip. We drove to Michigan (from Florida), stayed there for seven nights, then drove back home. For us, traveling as vegetarians was not difficult. On the way going up there, I had packed a cooler filled with fresh fruit that was all washed and ready to eat. I also packed tofurky sandwiches that I made the morning we left, which we would stop at a rest area to eat.

If you want a decent vegan meal on the road, your best bet is to carry your own food or to start looking an hour before lunch time for a restaurant. Although the country is infested with cruelty-laden fast food restaurants, there are some decent places along the way that offer vegan options. We found ourselves dining at Ruby Tuesday’s, where they have a good salad bar.

Vegetarian eating while traveling is also easier when you do like we did and get a small kitchen in the hotel room. We stocked it with good vegan food and healthy drinks and snacks. It also made it possible to do some in-room cooking, all of which leads to healthier eating, more convenient options, and saves money over eating out at each meal. We like to reach our destination and then stop by a store to stock up on what we need for the next few days, including healthy cereal, soymilk, etc.

On this trip we also visited Traverse City, Mich., with my family. I had seen an ad in a travel magazine for a store named Green Island, which sells all environmentally friendly products. I took down the address and planned on going there when we arrived. The store was nice and had a lot of. However, I ended up being more thrilled at the store I found while walking to that one – Small Planet. The sign on the sidewalk caught my mom’s attention and she told me it seemed like a store I’d like. And boy was it!

Michigan 273  

Small Planet is a great little store in Traverse City that sells all fair trade items that are organic, environmentally friendly, etc. I loved the store and did buy a shirt (that said power to the peaceful), as well as some fair trade dark chocolate. Just goes to show that you sometimes find great things when and where you least expect it. Two thumbs up for Small Planet and Green Island. The world needs more stores like these two.

Michigan 274  


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