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Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows review

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Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows review

As a child I always loved marshmallows. I've been a vegetarian since 1995 and until the last year, when I discovered vegan marshmallows, I was getting by without just fine, but life is better with them as an option. I've bought the Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows several times over the last year, just to eat at home as is or put in vegan hot chocolate.


However, this past week we were on a trip to Michigan to visit family and as part of our trip we were to have bonfires with family in northern Michigan. So I made sure I had stocked up on some vegan marshmallows. They cost around $7 per container and we bought three containers for the purpose of roasting on bonfires during our vacation.

The marshmallows roasted wonderfully! I was actually surprised at well they did. Not only do they taste great not roasted, but they were even better toasted over the bonfire. Although I've learned that my kids don't care for the taste of marshmallows, they do love roasting them for others to eat. Everyone that tried them thought they tasted great, just like traditional marshmallows. Even non-vegetarians thought they tasted just like traditional marshmallows.

Michigan 248  

If you are raising vegetarian kids, or are still kid at heart, these vegan marshmallows hit the spot. They taste great every way we've used them (the plan ones, toasted coconut, etc). And as we found out this week, they are great for roasting (and you could use them for vegan smores). Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

VegBlogger rates Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows 5 out of 5 stars.


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