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Oregon Chai vegan review

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Oregon Chai vegan concentrate review

Vegan chai  

One of the main things that kept me from being vegan over the years was honey. Not because I'm some honey freak that buys and loves to eat it, but because they put traces of it in so many darn products. I don't want it in there, but they put it in there, thus rendering it non-vegan. For me, this has been a problem because I'm addicted to chai.

Everyone has a morning drink. Whether it's coffee, tea, milk, or whatever. Mine is chai. I love the chai concentrate, mixed with plain soymilk and I almost always it cold. For years my favorite Starbuck's drink has been a venti iced chai with soy. They use the Tazo concentrate mix, which contains honey.

Because of this, it has made veganism a challenge for me. Until recently. I have been plugging along as a vegan for a while now, but missing my morning chai terribly and wondering if I should just be one of these people that are vegan with the exception of chai. I honestly couldn't see myself going the rest of my life without anymore chai.

Rather than give in this time I went on a mission to find vegan chai concentrate that tastes good. I searched high and low and much to my pleasant surprise, I found one! The Oregon Chai vegan concentrate is wonderful! It taste even better than the Tazo one that I used to always keep on hand. No more trying to make it homemade from spices or chai hot tea bags. No more longing for a Starbuck's chai or to purchase the Tazo concentrate that calls to me each time I pass it in the store. And as a bonus - it's organic!

You have no idea how happy finding this vegan chai mix has made me. With this issue out of the way, sticking with veganism, over vegetarianism, has been a breeze for me. Now my house is stocked with the vegan chai concentrate and I get to enjoy it each morning, cruelty free. No compromises. Gotta love it, thanks to the Oregon Chai company! If your local Whole Foods Market or health food store doesn't carry it, ask for it. The more we support the vegan options that companies put out, the more options we will have in the long run.

VegBlogger rates Oregon Chai vegan chai concentrate 5 out of 5 stars.


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