Raising Vegetarian Children
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Books for Vegetarian Children

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Books for Vegetarian Children

When you are raising vegetarian children, not just any kids books will do. Quite honestly, some children’s books are quite violent and they love to show animals as food. This is especially true if you look for books about Thanksgiving or other holidays. I am always very cautious about what books I purchase the kids because I want them to get a message I approve of. Not one that promotes animal abuse of any kind, which includes the eating of animals.

In our house, we have many children’s books. Probably 200 of them in all, with roughly 90 percent of them having come from purchases at used book sales, garage sales, and thrift stores (where they will again be donated to when we are done with them). While the bulk of the books are split between the kids rooms, we do have a small collection of special ones that I keep in my office on my shelf. I do this to protect them from my son, who is at the stage of still not treating books the way they should be treated.

These books are special and we sit and read them together. They love the books and story. I love the message. These are books that have a good vegetarian or animal rights message for kids. I wanted to include a list of them here, because I know this issue comes up frequently with parents that care about such causes. This way you can have a list of books handy that fit your ethics.

Some of our favorites include:

The Deer in the Wood, My First Little House Books
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
  • Diary of a Worm
  • Hubert the Pudge, A Vegetarian Tale
  • A Turkey for Thanksgiving

    "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" is a new children's book about vegetarianism. My kids really enjoyed it and it has quickly become one of our household favorites. There are many other vegetarian friendly children’s books around. We do the same thing with movies. No vegetarian child’s video collection is complete without Babe or Charlotte’s Web, after all. This is just our list of favorites. Having these books helps to explain issues in an entertaining way to kids. It’s just one more way we help them to make the connection. 


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