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True. I didn't drop animal products because of the taste, and the taste of faux meat products has improved significantly over the years.

Four reasons I occasionally eat faux meat products:
1) No animals are tortured or harmed to make them
2) No hormones
3) No antibiotics


Yes, there you go - even more reasons. No hormones or antibiotics. Indeed!


When did a cow ever look like a burger, or a pig look like a sausage? The products that we are talking about are convenience food - not anything that resembles where it came from. A burger fits nicely in a cob (I'm from the UK so not sure what you would call it - a bun?) as convenience.
Personally, as others, I didn't stop eating animals because of the taste (although it was 28 years ago), but I really believe that most 'faux meat' is made into a convenient product to fit into a sandwich, burger bun or whatever


Absolutely, Becky. Great point! I agree with you!

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