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I was excited yesterday to get two packages of Shroom Snack vegan jerky in the mail to review. I'm a jerky fan and every time I come across vegan jerky I just have to try it. I didn't waste any time in opening the packages up to give them a try!

There were two flavors - sesame and sweet chili. I tried the sesame and thought it was good. Then I tried the sweet chili and was blown away! It's so. darn. good. No kidding! I absolutely loved it. I had to get the rest of the family in on the taste test. Both of my kids loved the jerky (especially the sweet chili one), as did my husband. It was a big hit with everyone in my house. 

I can honestly say that this vegan jerky, especially the sweet chili flavor, is the best vegan jerky I've ever tried. It's that good! I loved it. 

Shroom Snack vegan jerky is made from... organic oyster mushrooms! How cool is that?! There's nothing scary in the ingredient list, it's vegan, gluten free, organic, and delicious. When you read the ingredients list you actually recognize what everything in it is, which is refreshing. It has a traditional jerky texture that is slightly tough and chewy, and just provides an all around good taste. I'm really looking forward to having some of this on future hiking trips. 

This vegan jerky is available for ordering online (as well as in a few stores), including here:Shroom Snack Premium Mushroom Jerky | Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free Ingredients, Healthy Snack (Combo - Sesame & Sweet Chili);

Two thumbs way up for Shroom Snack vegan jerky. I'm thrilled that such great vegan products have made their way into the market! 

- Jacqueline


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