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What a great contribution Donald Watson made to England and to the entire world! I'm glad he was able to live a very long, healthy, rewarding life. Thank you for mentioning him in your very interesting blog, Jacqueline!

And thank you as well for those two excellent posts, "Is Vegetarianism a Gateway to Veganism?," and "Vegan or Vegetarian? Choosing a Label! Like you, even though my diet and other choices are predominantly vegan, I prefer to call myself a vegetarian, for the very reasons you listed.

I always look forward to reading your fine posts. So glad I found your blog!


(Sorry, I meant to put quotation marks after 'Label,' not an exclamation mark.)



Thank you for feedback. I really appreciate it!

I agree, Donald Watson was great! He has made a huge impact that still has people talking and acting today. It's wonderful.

Glad I'm not alone when it comes to the choosing a label. :)

Thank you, I'm so glad you like the blog!


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