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Each summer for the past several years I look forward to the strawberry poppyseed salad at Panera Bread. Normally it is sold without the chicken and they ask if you want to add it (usually charging a couple of dollars more). This year, they are automatically adding chicken, so as a vegetarian I now have to order it sans chicken (and yet still pay the extra amount).

The salad is great! It has strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, pecans, and a fat-free poppyseed dressing. Yum!

You can do as I do, and opt for their "pick two" and get the salad (without chicken) and a bowl of their soup or the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. Their black bean and garden vegetable soups are both vegetarian (and delicious), as is their French baguette to dip in the soup. The sandwich, ordered without feta cheese, is also very good!

And... I love Panera Bread's iced tea!


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