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In the Veg News - fur, chaining dogs, lab animals

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In this issue of "In the Veg News" we start with the fact that baring all is not stoppingSanctuary 236
people from wearing or promoting fur. Sexist campaigs are, well, just sexist campaigns. They are not effective. Case in point, yesterday BusinessWeek reported that the runway in Milan was dominated by fur, leather and wool. You can read the full article here, but please, don't do it naked, it won't help matters.

In other news, animal rights activists appear to be getting their message across when it comes to chaining dogs. You can read the USA Today article here.

The next article of interest explains how the University of Utah is using shelter cats and dogs to do biomedical research in their labs. You can read about this here.

Did you catch the Temple Grandin movie that was recently on television? I haven't not seen it, but Psychology Today offers an interesting article about her and asks if animals headed for slaughter should want to meet Temple. You can read this great article here.

Interestingly, the Farm Journal has a blog post schooling their readers on the HSUS and PETA. I don't really believe what he says about the animal rights people that he met, about how they felt the animals were all re-encarnated ancestors. I think that is his attempt to try to deflect the issue and make compassionate people seem way out in left field. He says "HSUS is a very real and current problem, and they must be addressed appropriately and forcibly." Hmm... forcibly? When animal rights activists use any kind of force they are referred to as domestic terrorists and are arrested. Hmm...  You can read the full article here, and feel free to leave a comment in the section that follows his article.

Finally, did you know they actually had a cow (beef, dairy) artificial insemination school? Sure enough! Check the ad out for it here.


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