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andre cholmondeley

Good points , and reinforces my frustration (sometimes) with an organization I really love, PETA. Like this week when they complained about the Groundhog, the one that sees his shadow/6 weeks of winter etc. They really make us look like dolts sometimes.

Or -- maybe it's the MEDIA, which of course is beholden to animal-abuse industries. Could it be that the MSM only reports the SILLIER, sensationalistic things that PETE etc does..?? And ignores all the sensible outreach programs, peaceful visits to hospital and school cafeterias, etc?

But we really should be EXTRA careful with SYNTHETIC LEATHER and PLASTIC "vegan" shoes, jackets, belts etc. Let's remember that a lot of that stuff is made form oil from the middle east, with all the issues THAT raises....and also environmentally -- like leather -- a plastic motorcycle jacket isn't exactly a "green" product, not by a long shot!!

Finally -- most of the "vegan shoes" I have found are MADE IN CHINA. Ask yourself if you are comfortable buying stuff that was likely made in a dangerous sweat-shop.

One Solution -- look for hemp, rubber, canvas shoes. Look for cloth-based jackets etc.

What about a leather jacket from a Goodwill store. Is that worse than a brand-new synthetic Vegan Jacket....made in china in a toxic factory?

What if you make a leather item out of the skin of an animal that died naturally, in the wild -- is that OK to wear?? These are the questions I have, and that we'd better be able to answer if our philosophy is to be seen as sound.

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